HubSpot User Group Atlanta Q1 2014 Meetup

Lee Nicholls  February 26, 2014

HubSpot User Group Atlanta, nicknamed “HUG ATL,” will hold a meeting on Thursday, March 6, 2013 from 6pm - 8pm, at MLT Creative’s 4008 building on the east side of Atlanta.

This “meetup” discussion will mainly focus on Hubspot’s new Campaigns tool. By setting goals in the Campaigns tool, it’s no longer a mystery how your marketing is achieving the goals you’ve identified for each individual campaign. Because HubSpot is an integrated marketing software platform, you can easily manage your entire marketing campaign and all the pieces from one, easy-to-use app. No more time wasted trying to cobble together reports. HubSpot’s integrated analytics make it easy for marketers to take all content from a marketing campaign and easily compare it across channels.


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