March 2018 Meetup - From Zero to Live: How To Launch, Grow and Monetize A Podcast For Your Business

Billy Mitchell  March 19, 2018


At the heart of every successful content marketing strategy is a message that connects in a meaningful way. In 2018, podcasting has emerged as a powerful way for brands to build deep, trusting relationships with their audience and potential customers. Yet, few businesses are looking into podcasting as an effective way to reach their online marketing goals. Misconceptions and apprehensions keep businesses from getting behind the mic. But that’s all about to change.

In this presentation, we blow up the biggest podcasting myths, explore what podcasting can offer businesses, and dive into how to launch, grow and monetize a podcast for your business. You’ll walk away with confidence that you can navigate the world of podcasting and be excited to use it as a tool to reach your business goals.

bivens.jpgMatthew Bivens
Coach and Podcast Host



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