HUG March Meetup Recap and Slides

Luke O'Kelley  March 17, 2016



We had a great time meeting today and discussing evergreen blogging. Thanks to everyone who came out!



Here are links to all the resources in my slides: 

Content Shock: Why Content Marketing Is Not A Sustainable Strategy 

Whiteboard Friday: Why Google Rewards Republishing

The Blogging Tactic That No One Is Talking About: Optimizing The Past

40+ Ways To Find Great Ideas For Your B2B Blog


As promised here are the slides from my presentation: 




In my presentation I touched on how you can update and republish your blog posts in the following way: 

1) take an old blog post and edit it

2) repost it as a new post

3) redirect the old post to your new post

4) delete the old post.

I got a lot of questions related to this process that I didn't have time to answer in a very detailed way, if you would like an indepth walk through of how to do this, check out this post: The Sectret Weapon In B2B Blogging: Historical Optimization. To get to the part about republishing and redirecting, scroll to the section: "Republishing Your Old Posts."

Thanks to everyone that came out!


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