April Recap: Developing An Agile Marketing Approach

Lauren DeRamus  April 25, 2017

April's Atlanta Hubspot User Group (HUG) meeting featured Developing an Agile Approach – Why Adaptability Is Key for Competitive Marketing, a presentation from B2B marketing expert Anne Marsden. Anne is the founder and principal of B2B marketing, branding, digital, and PR agency Marsden Marketing.

Agile Marketing borrows from software development to help companies adapt and respond more quickly, as the needs and interests of prospects and customers evolve. “Because the pace of change is accelerating in all things, we can no longer wait weeks to create new content or months to build and release websites. That's where Agile Marketing comes in,” Anne shared during the presentation. The full presentation can be accessed through the Slideshare below.

Also joining the event was Lauren DeRamus, Marsden Marketing’s project coordinator, who discussed real-life Agile tools and techniques used by the agency, including Kanban/Scrum boards and sprint planning.


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