Announcing HUG Atlanta's January Meetup: The Intersection of Content and SEO

Luke O'Kelley  January 12, 2016


HUG Atlanta is excited to start the new year off strong with a meetup featuring HubSpot's Senior Channel Marketing Manager Alec Biedrzycki! 


We will be discussing modern content marketing and SEO and how they can work together to create unstoppable marketing. 

SEO and content marketing are always changing so we will be looking at where content and SEO have been, where they are going in 2016 and ways to stay ahead of the curve.

I had the pleasure of talking with Alec about his experience with SEO and content marketing 

Me: What's your experience with SEO and content marketing? 

Alec: Before I worked at HubSpot, I worked at an agency here in Cambrige that was focused primarily on search engine marketing and search rankings and a lot of SEO services. It was a good foundation for when I switched over to HubSpot in 2011 where I was actually an inbound marketing consultant from the get go. I worked exclusively with partner agencies. So five years ago I was helping agencies understand the inbound marketing methodology, the core functions of it including SEO which was obviously a big piece of it. I also took on teaching SEO to new hires.

...I switched over in 2013 to the marketing team, where I've been working with our partner agencies... So now I've been doing a lot of content creation on the partner agency side, for the partner program itself and optomizing that content. 

Me: What is the intersection of content and SEO?

Alec: The way I explain it is that it's an art and a science mixed together. I think the art really comes in with the content piece. You want to write good content that's useful and valuable to people who are going to read it and search for it, and then there's the science side that you want to make sure that it's well optimized so that search engines and the crawlers that are looking at the content can index it accordingly so that it can get found. You need to have both schools of thought when you're creating content and optimizing it to be found in search engines.

Me: What trends do you see in 2016 for SEO and content marketing?

Alec: I think that content is always going to be important. I think in 2016 the integrity of content is going to become more important. In my consulting days and even when I work with partners today, alot of times they will just churn out content for the sake of churning it out and trying to rank for that specific keyword and that worked early on because the pastures were quite green for getting traction on those keywords, but now they are starting to get a little barren because a lot of people have fostered their own footholds in the web, so it's going to become even more and more important to create valuable content that people share, link back to and do something with rather than just publishing something for the sake of publishing it...


If you'd like to learn more from Alec and meet up with fellow Atlanta marketers and HubSpot users, register for our January meetup now: 

When: Wednesday January 20th 11:30am to 1:30pm

Where: Taco Mac Decatur 240 West Ponce De Leon Ave Decatur Ga 30030

Who: Alec Biedrzycki and you

What: HUG Atlanta's the Intersection of Content and SEO

As usual free Taco Mac will be provided, but drinks are on your tab. Hope to see you there!


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