Capturing Google’s Featured Snippet (and other SEO Tips)

Billy Mitchell  December 6, 2018

Featured snippets are an organic search feature that now make up significant organic search traffic (cannibalizing traffic from even top ranking content). Through experimentation, the HubSpot SEO team was able to increase organic traffic for existing content by 10% by optimizing for featured snippets.


B2C Deliverability in 2018: A Hitchhiker's Guide

Billy Mitchell  June 19, 2018

The B2C ISPs have moved to domain-based reputation filters that key primarily on authenticated domains and use user interaction to determine if an email should go to the inbox or someplace else. Content filters are largely no longer about simple keywords so much as identifying deceptive and abusive mail. ISPs watch for evidence that a sender sends to users that requested and want their emails.


March 2018 Meetup - From Zero to Live: How To Launch, Grow and Monetize A Podcast For Your Business

Billy Mitchell  March 19, 2018

At the heart of every successful content marketing strategy is a message that connects in a meaningful way. In 2018, podcasting has emerged as a powerful way for brands to build deep, trusting relationships with their audience and potential customers. Yet, few businesses are looking into podcasting as an effective way to reach their online marketing goals. Misconceptions and apprehensions keep businesses from getting behind the mic. But that’s all about to change.


February 2018 Meetup: The Landscape of Marketing and Sales is Constantly Changing

Billy Mitchell  February 27, 2018

Our Atlanta Hubspot User Group was fortunate to have HubSpot's own Flora Wang, visit us from Boston for our February 14th meetup.  

Flora agreed to share her presentation deck with us and also shared some thoughts:

The landscape of marketing and sales is constantly changing. In the modern age, buyers have more choices than ever for any products they are looking for and as marketers and salespeople we have to adapt to beat our competitors. In this presentation, we explore the changing trends of the market, how we can adapt our processes, and how HubSpot Sales can assist in this process.

Let's Chat About Chat - Connor Cirillo

Billy Mitchell  November 20, 2017


Four Powerful Ways Companies & Freelancers Can Effectively Work Together

Jason Montoya  June 12, 2017

The lack of capacity and appropriate skill level are two reasons companies reach out to freelancers to help bridge the gap. While this partnership extends production and provides flexibility to the business, it can also become the source of their frustration. On the flip side, freelancers can be left in the stressful wake of working with over-demanding companies.


April Recap: Developing An Agile Marketing Approach

Lauren DeRamus  April 25, 2017

April's Atlanta Hubspot User Group (HUG) meeting featured Developing an Agile Approach – Why Adaptability Is Key for Competitive Marketing, a presentation from B2B marketing expert Anne Marsden. Anne is the founder and principal of B2B marketing, branding, digital, and PR agency Marsden Marketing.


Announcing: HUG Atlanta's October Meetup

Luke O'Kelley  October 3, 2016

We're excited to announce our October meetup is on the calendar for the 18th! Get all of the details here: 


HUG Atlanta's August Meetup: Introducing Inbound 2016

Luke O'Kelley  August 5, 2016

On August 17th, Atlanta marketers and HubSpot users are coming together to discuss and prepare for HubSpot's annual conference: Inbound 2016. If you've already botten your tickets, come meet and coordinate with other Atlanta marketers that will be at the conference. Not sure whether the conference is for you? This is your chance to hear from past attendees and decide if it's right for you.


HUG Atlanta June Meetup Slides and Recap

Luke O'Kelley  June 17, 2016


On Wednesday June 15th, we had a great showing for our monthly meetup at 5 Seasons Brewing. We heard from Marsden Marketing's Marketing Manager Brenna Clark and Senior Inbound Marketing Specialist Christina Simms about how to use HubSpot to implement Account-Based Marketing.


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